No stress under the Christmas tree: This is how the Christmas harmoniously

Christmas – the celebration of love, contemplation and joy. If only! For most women there are days full of stress. Every year we have ahead of us, time to start preparing. But that’s hard. Christmas is always very suddenly at the door, and we still have to do a lot:
– The gifts are not all concerned, and certainly not packed nicely and the cookies are not baked.
– Parents and parents want again a crispy roast goose Christmas dinner with starter and dessert.
– The treats for the colorful plate is purchased yet either.
– The tree has to be concerned and even decorated, etc.

So please do not be stressed out, but plans on Christmas Eve from now forward as much as possible, quite strategically. Otherwise you have not got anything from the beautiful Christmas evening in the company of your loved ones. Stress causes impatience, nervousness, and thus armed. This must be prevented!

It’s best to make a shopping list in advance, from their checks off a little every day:
– Beverages, vegetables such as red or Brussels sprouts, potatoes and onions can be prepared in advance.
– Did you have enough wrapping paper, bows, Christmas napkins, candles? If not, now get.
– Charging the camera.
– Write Christmas cards, postage, and a week before throwing in the mailbox.
– Buy a traditional Thomas Kinkade Christmas tree – with the rich decorations and candles
– Checks the gift list, so no bitter tears after crying or sulking.
– At Christmas Eve, you can peel the potatoes, clean the vegetables and chop the onions. Red cabbage can be pre-cooked.
– Stage just no grand housecleaning. When cozy and dimly lit candles lighting you see no dust on the furniture or a stain on the carpet. Just do not be so picky!

With the right preparation harmony prevails under the Christmas tree. You can decorate the table cover with the help of children. Give them a few tasks. For example, they can take in the food, open the wine bottle, pour water into the glasses, etc. As for food, if you eat goose, there must be no great starter. Better is a colorful salad with light dressing. For dessert, all snack on the colorful plates with nuts, marzipan and gingerbread. You should absolutely avoid the well-known controversial issues as tables. Scores better with humor, then it is guaranteed to be no dispute.

Now comes the most beautiful stress: the mess. Maybe even with a Santa Claus, presented poems and hopefully with beautiful Christmas carols. For the torn wrapping paper you can provide a larger box or bag on the floor, so it does not fly around everywhere. If there were even the right gifts for your loved ones now, you have guaranteed a merry Christmas.

With a beautiful celebration, I wish you a lot of joy, harmony and enjoyment in this Christmas!


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